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  • Pa.-based S&T Bank Pa. plans to open an office in downtown Rochester.

  • Administrator John Garvey is moving Ontario County forward.

  • Employers are shifting to stricter ways of determining pay and benefits packages.

  • Sarah Costello wants the flower-buying experience more ecologically friendly.

  • Avani Technology Solutions' revenues are still soaring.

  • See the 20th anniversary edition of the Forty under 40 supplement.

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Majority supports net neutrality rules
Roughly three in five respondents to this week’s RBJ Snap Poll support the proposed FCC net neutrality rules.

Plan 2014: An economic and environmental winner
The enormous benefits of Plan 2014 should not be held up by a small increase in the cost of coastal living.
Net neutrality matters
Net neutrality has been debated long enough. The FCC should act now.
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