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Forty Under 40 Class of 2005 updates

Rochester Business Journal
November 6, 2009

Alumni of Rochester Business Journal Forty Under 40 check in with updates on career and life. Here's a look at the Class of 2005.

Seema Ali
Gallo & Iacovangelo LLP
Position then: Same
Current business role: Attorney in the litigation department of Gallo & Iacovangelo and chairwoman of the domestic relations and family law division. Handle primarily family law and matrimonial matters in Supreme Court and Family Court, and also personal injury, insurance defense and criminal matters.
Age: 37
Education: B.A., York University, Toronto; J.D., Syracuse University
Family: Husband, Joseph Rizzo; stepdaughters, 12, 10
Residence: Naples
Birthplace: Toronto
What brought you to Rochester? My first job after graduating from law school.
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Joining the law firm of Gallo & Iacovangelo and then having the opportunity to concentrate my practice in matrimonial and family law. Prior to attending law school, I obtained my undergraduate degree in psychology, which I believe fundamentally assists me in my practice in these areas. It is important to me to be able to assist clients with respect and patience in what is generally a very emotional and difficult time in their lives, helping them get through it with civility and dignity.

Andrew Aligne M.D.
Co-director, Pediatric Links
with the Community
Department of pediatrics
University of Rochester
Position then: Same
Current business role: I supervise a program that teaches doctors and other health professionals about how to effectively improve health at the community level. I edit the section on community health for the journal Pediatrics in Review. I consult with programs nationally on the education of residents.
Age: 43
Education: B.S., M.D., University of California at Los Angeles; MPH, University of Rochester
Family: Wife, Rachael
Residence: Rochester
Birthplace: Hollywood, Calif.
What brought you to Rochester? Fellowship in general academic pediatrics.
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: I have had scientific papers published in major journals like the Journal of the American Medical Association and been on CNN, etc., but I think my most meaningful accomplishment has been leading the creation of the community advocacy resident education track, which teaches health care professionals about how to partner with community-based organizations to implement effective programs that improve the health of the public.
Surprising fact: I can cook delicious French food.
Mark Armbruster
Armbruster Capital Management
Position then: Chief investment officer, Alesco Advisors LLC
Current business role: Create customized investment portfolios for individual and institutional investors in a risk-managed, low-cost, tax-sensitive manner using index funds.
Age: 37
Education: B.A., University of Rochester
Family: Wife, Nipa; two sons, 6, 3
Residence: Honeoye Falls
Birthplace: Rochester
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Bringing clients peace of mind and helping them build financially sustainable lifestyles.
Surprising fact: I'm a closet apiarist.

Robert Bailey
Partners + Napier Inc.
Position then: Senior vice president, Partners + Napier
Current business role: I am responsible for leading our talented team of creative problem solvers to become one of the nation's top, independent creative ideas companies-all while exceeding our clients' expectations and delivering proven business results for them.
Age: 39
Education: B.S., SUNY College at Geneseo
Family: Wife, Christine; daughter, 13; son, 10
Residence: Victor
Birthplace: Misawa Air Force Base, Japan
What brought you to Rochester? The opportunity to begin my career in an outstanding marketing communications agency.
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Coming to know that the higher your title and place in the organization, the more you actually work for the betterment of everyone else.
Surprising fact: I love drumming to '80s metal.

Lisa Bianchi
Senior audit manager
Position then: Same
Current business role: Overall responsibility for planning and coordinating audit work, working with clients on financial accounting and reporting matters, delivering day-to-day services and supporting the direct supervision and review of audit staff. Maintaining close contact with client management to resolve accounting and audit issues, in addition to preparing special reports and financial statements and recommending improvements for operational efficiencies and procedures.
Age: 35
Education: B.S., St. John Fisher College
Family: Husband, Jim; daughter, 2; son, 9 months
Residence: Rush
Birthplace: Ohio
What brought you to Rochester? I got recruited to play basketball at St. John Fisher College and loved the college.
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: The opportunity to serve as the lead manager for one of the firm's largest clients and being recognized by senior leadership for my role.
Surprising fact: I grew up on a small farm in northeast Ohio.

William Bigham
Vice president for advancement
Cedarville University
Position then: Vice president for advancement, Roberts Wesleyan College
Current business role: Oversee fundraising for a private, Christ-centered university.
Age: 36
Education: B.A., Roberts Wesleyan College; MPA, SUNY College at Brockport
Residence: Cedarville, Ohio
Birthplace: Olean
What brought you to Rochester? College

Peter Buckley
The Buckley Group Inc.
Position then: Project director, the Pike Co. Inc.
Current business role: President of a small general contracting and construction management company. We serve public and private clients with an emphasis on planning quality projects.
Age: 43
Education: B.S., New York Institute of Technology
Family: Wife, Marilyn; two sons, 13, 12; daughter, 9
Residence: Penfield
Birthplace: Rochester
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: My most meaningful career accomplishment was taking the risk to start my own business. The idea of taking a dream and turning it into a reality is both daunting and invigorating.
Surprising fact: The fact that I haven't had a drink in 20 years usually gets a double take from people.

Jeffrey Calabrese
Harter Secrest & Emery LLP
Position then: Associate, Harter Secrest & Emery
Current business role: Counsel management regarding labor and employment law issues. Represent clients in administrative proceedings, arbitrations and litigation in federal and state courts, with an emphasis on non-competition disputes and defending employers against discrimination, breach of contract, wrongful discharge, defamation and wage claims.
Age: 39
Education: B.A., Canisius College; J.D., SUNY Buffalo
Family: Wife, Andrea; two daughters, 5, 3
Residence: Brighton
Birthplace: Buffalo
What brought you to Rochester? I accepted a two-year clerkship with the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, 4th Department.
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Becoming partner of Harter Secrest & Emery.

David Clar
President and CEO
Express Press and Clarigo
Position then: President and CEO, Express Press
Current business role: I identify new directions and establish opportunities for Express Press. I oversee the staff, drive sales efforts, develop new marketing concepts and work with clients. I actively network with a variety of national industry groups and local associations. I also act as a digital printing consultant to many local companies.
Age: 36
Education: B.S., Ohio State University
Family: Wife, Rachel; son, 1
Residence: Brighton
Birthplace: Brighton
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Currently I would say staying ahead of the curve. Our industry has changed so much over the past 10 years. Staying current on technology and staying profitable in business is my most meaningful accomplishment in this economy.
Surprising fact: I do a great rumba!
Tracy Crandall
Vice president and co-owner
Metrix Marketing Inc.
Position then: Same
Current business role: Develop and implement marketing plans and strategies for businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Manage creation and execution of multimedia initiatives, including market research, television and radio commercials, Web sites, videos, press releases and direct mail. Foster new business development and client relationships. Oversee daily operations of the advertising agency.
Age: 42
Education: B.S., SUNY Buffalo
Family: Two sons, 12, 9
Residence: Greece
Birthplace: Rochester
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Co-founding Metrix Marketing in January 2002. It is a full-service advertising agency specializing in market research, public relations, branding, development of marketing plans, media buying and creative design and execution in print, electronic, broadcast, out-of-home and guerrilla marketing techniques.
Surprising fact: I eat chocolate twice a day, every day.

Jeffrey Fasoldt
Executive vice president and
chief financial officer
Toshiba Business Solutions-
New York/Michigan
Position then: VP and CFO, Toshiba Business Solutions
Current business role: Responsible for all financial and administrative matters including accounting, financial reporting, information technology, asset management, budgeting and forecasting, and internal control. TBS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba America Business Solutions, an independent operating company of Toshiba Corp.
Age: 42
Education: B.S., SUNY College at Geneseo; MBA, Rochester Institute of Technology
Family: Wife, Doreen; two sons, 14, 11
Residence: Avon
Birthplace: Syracuse
What brought you to Rochester? I moved here about two years after graduating from college. My wife and I are both Geneseo alumni. She got a teaching position here right after college; I moved back to Syracuse. Eventually we had to pick one city before getting married and chose Rochester.
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Just helped guide the company through a major enterprise resource planning transition at the same time when we merged with a sister company in Michigan.
Surprising fact: While fiscally conservative, I am very liberal in most of my views.

Heidi Grenek
Project manager, business systems
Xerox Corp.
Founder and co-owner
Moonlight Creamery LLC
Position then: Manager, Design for Lean Six Sigma and time-to-market process, Xerox
Current business role: Having recently completed an assignment as the program manager for one of Xerox's office product lines, I now lead strategic projects in support of Xerox's global purchasing and supply chain operations, with a focus on streamlining existing processes and identifying areas in need of new business processes or investment.
Age: 39
Education: B.S., master's in mechanical engineering, Cornell University; MBA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Family: Husband, Harry Hilbert; two sons, 8, 6
Residence: Fairport
Birthplace: Rochester
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: I'm most proud of the work we did on developing and deploying our Design for Lean Six Sigma program, which has been recognized outside Xerox as a benchmark for other companies seeking to implement a sustainable Design for Lean Six Sigma program.
Surprising fact: I can make a really great pina colada. Right after graduate school and before joining Xerox full time, I was a cocktail waitress in a swim-up pool bar at a resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was an invaluable lesson in customer service, labor relations-they were trying to unionize at the time-and human behavior. Learning how to make great rum drinks was just a bonus!

Patrick Guisto
Vice president
JC Jones & Associates LLC
Position then: Same
Current business role: Leading business development and job execution in our business performance improvement practice area. Working with companies ranging from $50 million in sales to multibillion-dollar multinationals on working capital management, information systems optimization and profit improvement.
Age: 43
Education: B.S., St. John Fisher College
Family: Wife, Ellen; son, 7; daughter, 3
Residence: Pittsford
Birthplace: Rochester
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Being one of the founding partners of JC Jones & Associates 12 years ago is my greatest professional accomplishment. I learn and grow from my colleagues and clients every day. I am truly blessed to be part of such an ethical and success-driven organization.
Surprising fact: I am still a 15 handicap after playing golf for 30-plus years!

Christina Gullo
Chief program and strategy officer
Catholic Family Center
Position then: Director, human resources, Catholic Family Center
Current business role: Responsibilities include full profit and loss ownership for roughly $25 million of program services, which include behavioral health, families, housing and work force development and re-entry services. Responsible for developing and executing on the agency's strategy to deliver high-quality and innovative programs and services to clients. This execution is completed in conjunction with the senior leadership team, board of directors and internal implementation teams.
Age: 38
Education: B.A., SUNY College at Geneseo; MSW, Marywood University, Scranton, Pa.; MBA, Rochester Institute of Technology
Family: Significant other, John Mueller; daughter, 5
Residence: West Henrietta
Birthplace: Warsaw
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: I am a very fortunate individual as I am able to work at an administrative level to impact programs and people as well as the organization through strategic alignment. However, I am also able to see the work and results of our front-line staff, who really make the difference in the lives of our clients. I am honored to be a part of this very important work, and the greatest reward is watching people be successful and the positive impact it has on our community.
Surprising fact: I grew up and worked on a farm in Mount Morris. I think this experience taught me an amazing work ethic, starting about age 7, and an appreciation of the care of animals, the work of farmers and a day of good, hard, physical labor!

David Kolczynski
Director of engineering
QED Technologies International Inc.
Position then:
Director of operations, QED Technologies Inc.
Current business role: Manage all engineering activity related to QED's leading-edge products for finishing and metrology of precision optics. Areas of focus include new product development, continuous improvement of products and processes, and establishing strategic partnerships with key suppliers. Set direction for the company as a member of the leadership team.
Age: 43
Education: B.S., GMI Engineering Management Institute; M.S., Stanford University; MBA, St. John Fisher College
Family: Wife, Tricia; two sons, 9, 7
Residence: Fairport
Birthplace: Savannah, Wayne County
What brought you to Rochester? I came to Rochester in 1983 to start a co-op position at Delco Products on Lyell Avenue and have never left.  My family and my wife's family are both about an hour away, so we are planning to stay in Rochester.
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Being part of the leadership team that grew QED Technologies from a small startup into a profitable business and through a successful acquisition in just a few years.
Surprising fact: I play the accordion and performed on TV once when I was a child.

Hoffman Moka Lantum M.D.
Director, medical services
business improvement
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
Position then: Safety assessment group leader, Eastman Kodak Co.
Current business role: Optimize utilization management data-driven decision making platforms for increased member and provider satisfaction. Consult on a variety of strategic cost-cutting initiatives.
Age: 36
Education: M.D., University of Yaounde, Cameroon; Ph.D., University of Rochester
Family: Wife, Cheryl Kodjo M.D.
Residence: Rochester
Birthplace: Cameroon
What brought you to Rochester? Graduate school for my doctorate in pharmacology.
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Promoting Six Sigma thinking and variability management for business operations at Excellus. The key deliverable was an enhanced enrollment process for safety net and government programs, which should affect the member experience and increase enrollment and retention in the low-income market segment.
Surprising fact: Versatility and a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving that blends expertise in medicine, basic sciences, the arts and humanities and Six Sigma thinking.

David Mammano
Founder and CEO
Next Step Publishing Inc.
Position then: Same
Current business role: My mission in life is to help people realize their highest potential through lifelong education. To accomplish this mission, I run Next Step Magazine. The magazine and Web site have grown to become a nationwide resource that helps more than 800,000 students, parents and counselors in 20,500 high schools with college, career and life planning.
Age: 40
Education: B.A., SUNY Buffalo
Family: Wife, Luisa; son, 6; daughter, 4
Residence: Victor
Birthplace: Rochester
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Helping teenagers with planning their lives after school.
Surprising fact: I tried to be a stand-up comedian after college.

Michael Meath
Director, data implementation
Paetec Holding Corp.
Position then: Same
Current business role: Lead a team of engineers that are responsible for the configuration, support and customer implementation of Paetec's broad range of data services, including dedicated Internet access, virtual private networks, voice over Internet protocol, network-based firewall, Web hosting and security services, domain name system and e-mail services.
Age: 43
Education: A.S., SUNY College at Alfred; B.S., Clarkson University; M.S., Rochester Institute of Technology
Family: Wife, Anne; three daughters, 12, 7, 5
Residence: Fairport
Birthplace: Canandaigua
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: At Paetec's inception I played a critical role in the team that rolled out voice services for Paetec's first customers in the Philadelphia region, and subsequently I went on to help develop and implement Paetec's first set of data services, both areas which have served as a cornerstone of Paetec's sizable growth and expansion since then.

Michael Messier
Chief financial officer
Monroe Plan for Medical Care Inc.
Position then: Same
Current business role: As the CFO and a member of the senior executive management team, I assist in providing tactical and strategic organizational leadership for the corporation. Traditional CFO oversight includes general accounting, audit, budget, investment services, financial planning and analysis. Additional accountabilities include provider contracting, information technology and provider relations.
Age: 43
Education: B.A., SUNY Albany; MBA, Clarkson University
Family: Wife, Kelly; son, 12; daughter, 10
Residence: Victor
Birthplace: Saratoga Springs
What brought you to Rochester? Accepted a consultant position at Monroe Plan.
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Growing the Monroe Plan from a five-county $30 million organization to nearly $300 million and operating in 18 counties and six offices.
Surprising fact: I'm a motor enthusiast and enjoy downtime working on cars, riding snowmobiles and four-wheelers, etc.

Gregory Miller
Davie Kaplan CPA P.C.
Position then: Same
Current business role: I provide tax and accounting solutions to closely held businesses and the individuals and families who own them. I am lucky to be able to work with a remarkable team of people at Davie Kaplan; together we help meet our clients' business and personal financial needs.
Age: 41
Education: BBA, Siena College
Family: Wife, Caroline; two sons, 12, 10; daughter, 8
Residence: Webster
Birthplace: Rochester
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Being elected to partner in the firm in 2005. I value greatly this vote of confidence. I enjoy a great career of building relationships with clients, which allows me to contribute assistance in a meaningful way to meeting their financial goals.
Surprising fact: I have been skydiving-twice.

Kenneth Northrup
East region director of business operations
Frontier Communications Inc.
Position then: Rochester director of business operations, Frontier Communications
Current business role: Strategic financial management for Frontier's East Region, which spans from the northern Adirondacks to coastal Alabama. This includes management of traditional financial planning and analysis functions as well as pricing, integration, customized customer solution development and strategic planning.
Age: 40
Education: B.S., SUNY Albany; MBA, Simon Graduate School of Business, University of Rochester
Family: Wife, Terri; three daughters, 11, 11, 9; son, 5
Residence: Honeoye Falls
Birthplace: Utica
What brought you to Rochester? I came to attend business school at the University of Rochester.
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: My most meaningful career accomplishments are always when my team succeeds in achieving our goals. There have been many successes over the years; it is pausing for a second to celebrate them that makes work fun.
Surprising fact: My family took our first backpacking trip this summer.

Thomas Queri
Executive vice president
AXA Advisors LLC
Position then: Same
Current business role: The majority of my time is spent on growing the Rochester office through recruiting, training and developing advisers, both those new to the industry and those with prior experience. My position encompasses functions from driving sales to compliance and everything in between.
Age: 39
Education: B.S., Niagara University
Family: Wife, Georgia; daughter, 7; son, 4
Residence: Victor
Birthplace: Syracuse
What brought you to Rochester? Came here June 1, 2001, in my present position to run the Rochester office.
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Growing one of the largest, most well-respected financial services firms in Rochester and within AXA, which led to five consecutive President's Trophy awards.
Surprising fact: My intent when graduating from college was to go into the FBI.

John Richelsen
Director, market research and metrics
Eric Mower and Associates Inc.
Position then: Senior account supervisor, research services, Eric Mower and Associates
Current business role: Manager of EMA's market research department and brand studio process. I research our clients' customers, competition and constituencies to learn their needs, habits and shortcomings. With this, EMA is able to build strong brands and track their success. I also developed EMA's marketing metrics services, using industry standard tools to benchmark goals, track return on investment and improve spending.
Age: 41
Education: B.A., SUNY College at Cortland; MPA, SUNY Binghamton
Family: Wife, Vivian; two sons 15, 13; daughter, 10
Residence: Canandaigua
Birthplace: Rochester
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Becoming manager of our marketing research department and developing EMA's metrics practice. But there is much more to come.
Surprising fact: I'm a pretty decent carpenter, built a barn by myself a few years ago and am never afraid to knock down a wall or two.

Eric Rorapaugh
Chief operating officer
Systems Management Planning Inc.
Position then: CEO, Systems
Current business role: Oversight of operations and sales for a $29 million multi-location information technology professional services company.
Age: 42
Education: B.A., SUNY College at Geneseo
Family: Wife, Kristin; two sons, 9, 5
Residence: Pittsford
Birthplace: Syracuse
What brought you to Rochester? Family
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Having SMP become recognized by the world's leading technology manufacturers as the technology and professional services leader in Upstate New York for virtualization technologies.
Surprising fact: I grew up on a 10,000-acre cattle ranch in Northern California.

Stephanie Stefanou Templeton
Manager, field marketing managers
Paychex Inc.
Position then: National accounts manager, Northeast, Paychex
Current business role: Manage a team responsible for executing company marketing initiatives throughout the country.
Age: 43
Education: B.A., Colgate University
Family: Husband, Adam; daughter, 9; son, 8
Residence: Mendon
Birthplace: Rochester
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: Creating and managing a new department within a Fortune 500 company. I am blessed to work with "The Dream Team"!
Surprising fact: I was born on Christmas.
Gregory Vangellow
President and CEO
R.W. Dake & Co. Inc.
Position then: Same
Current business role: Oversee day-to-day operations for a 49-year-old commercial construction company that operates in western, central and southern New York. Responsible for accounting, finance, human resources and risk management.
Age: 39
Education: B.A., University of New Hampshire; MBA, Simon Graduate School of Business, University of Rochester
Family: Wife, Deborah; two sons, 8, 6; daughter, 6
Residence: Fairport
Birthplace: Stamford, Conn.
What brought you to Rochester? We moved here when I was 3, so family brought me here, literally.
Most meaningful career-related accomplishment: My most meaningful accomplishment to date is building the strongest balance sheet R.W. Dake & Co. has ever had while maintaining a great work/life balance. I have enjoyed watching my employees develop and grow while taking on new responsibilities.
Surprising fact: Despite the fact that I own a construction company, I am not very handy.

Christopher Wiest
Vice president, public policy and advocacy
Rochester Business Alliance Inc.
Position then: Vice president, human resource information, Rochester Business Alliance
Current business role: Direct and manage public policy and advocacy efforts on behalf of Rochester Business Alliance's 2,100 member employers. Responsible for engaging government and community leaders at the local, state and federal levels to represent employer positions on legislation and public policy.
Age: 42
Education: B.A., University of Rochester; M.S., Rochester Institute of Technology
Family: Wife, Laurie; two sons, 12, 10
Residence: Brockport
Birthplace: Rochester

11/06/09 15th Anniversary 2009 Forty Under 40 supplement; (c) 2009 Rochester Business Journal. To obtain permission to reprint this article, call 585-546-8303 or e-mail

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