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Alec Baldwin, his mom appear in Wegmans ads

Associated Media Wegmans holiday video with Alec Baldwin
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Alec Baldwin touts Wegmans' $6 meals
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Rochester Business Journal
November 17, 2010

After touting Wegmans Food Markets Inc. to David Letterman in May, actor Alec Baldwin is doing it again in television spots for the grocery chain.

A television commercial during prime time Tuesday night showed Baldwin with his mother at one of the company’s Syracuse stores. Last month, the actor was spotted filming inside the store.

Baldwin’s ties to the grocery chain started when he indirectly plugged Wegmans during an interview with Letterman. He was telling Letterman about his mother’s unusual attachment to Upstate New York.

When asked why his mother, Carol, does not join her sons in California, the “30 Rock” star said she refused to leave her favorite grocery store, which Letterman jokingly referred to as the center of the cultural universe.

“When Alec Baldwin mentioned Wegmans on the ‘David Letterman Show,’ it was a thrill for everyone at Wegmans,” said Jo Natale, director of media relations for the company. “We are running 30-second holiday commercials that feature Alec Baldwin and his mom, Carol.”

The ad is running in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Johnson City in New York and in Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania and Hunt Valley in Maryland.

“(The scenes) were shot by an agency in our Fairmount store in Syracuse—where Alec’s mom shops. The employees in the commercial are Wegmans employees, not actors,” Natale said.

Wegmans has 13,858 local employees. Earlier this month, Wegmans ranked 55th on Forbes magazine’s 2010 list of America’s largest private companies with 38,697 employees nationwide and $5.15 billion in revenues.

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What You're Saying 

Diane Harris at 5:45:50 PM on 11/22/2010
Isn't this the same Alec Baldwin who is pushing New Yorkers for gay marriage? Since when is Wegmans aligning itself with politicos? Oh, since Danny joined the transition team for Cuomo? Look for more of this kind of "advertising." Shame on W.
Ed Franklin at 6:56:40 PM on 11/26/2010
Diane, shame on you for making such a ridiculous assertion. Please.
Robin Taney at 9:07:43 AM on 11/30/2010
I agree with Ed. Are we so far gone in our division that we have to look under every rock, (or in this case, food item) to make things that are not intended to be political issues into ones? Seriously. I really long for the days when people didn't get their backs up over the...  Read More >
Elizabeth Casper at 8:31:07 AM on 12/1/2010
Shame on you Diane. Are you sure you don't have anything better to do than to fabricate an agenda that couldn't possibly exist? Yes, Danny made Alec Baldwin's mother shop at Wegmans for YEARS, fall in love with it to the extent that she doesn't want to leave NY, had Alec m...  Read More >
Diane Harris at 9:34:08 AM on 12/3/2010
Guess what? Wegmans really isn't the Rochester religion. It is JUST a store. Get over somebody actually CRITICIZING Wegmans!
Ed Franklin at 8:52:05 AM on 12/6/2010
Diane, that would be fine if we were actually talking about the grocery store. But instead, you've somehow made a wingnutty link between Alec Baldwin and his mom to politics and gay marriage.

Robin has it right - take it easy!
david mcintyre at 9:16:33 AM on 2/27/2012
I agree that anyone drawing political conclusions from this truly does have too much time on their hands. Wegmans is a business, like any other, and they have a right to operate any way they see fit without having to answer to anyone. The only political reference I would m...  Read More >

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