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  • Buckingham, Morgan to buy Midtown facility for $5M

  • Online training proving effective at area companies

  • CEO Sameer Penakalapati has grown Avani Technology Solutions

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Is this the year you ace the business news quiz?

Rochester Business Journal
December 30, 2011

It's one of life's inevitabilities, along with birth, death and taxes: the Rochester Business Journal's annual news quiz.
This is the 17th year when I have tested readers' knowledge of the year's significant local business news, all taken from articles published in our newspaper.
If you took part in the recent RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll on the year's top stories, you will breeze through at least some of these questions. For the rest, as always, extra help is available at; a quick search of the Archive should produce the answer to any question.
The cost of using the Archive? It's still zero. As I've noted before, free access to all of our articles and lists-nearly 17 years' worth-gives you a real competitive edge in this quiz, not to mention in running your business.
Each correct answer earns one point; a perfect score is 25 points. For the answers, turn to page 11. Good luck!
1. Who received the 2011 Athena Award?
2. Jolt Cola founder C.J. Rapp launched a new beverage venture. What's its name?
3. SenDEC Corp., No. 1 on the 2010 Rochester Top 100, was sold. Who was the buyer?
4. EarthLink Inc. bought One Communications Corp. and moved into a new facility at Alexander Park. Name the Rochester-area resident who leads EarthLink.
5. Michael Popielec became chief executive of Ultralife Corp. Whom did he succeed?
6. Rochester schools superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard left to take another top schools job. Where did he go?
7. Name the person who said: "A majority on the board thought that just anyone could manage the company and make it successful, and they ran through a whole lot of nobodies-CEOs and CFOs-before ruining what we had built."
8. Eastman Kodak Co.'s stock fell below $1 a share for the first time in more than a half-century. What was its share price at the start of the year?
9. Name the person who said: "A lot of people in government, in the private sector and in the banks have done a lot of things wrong for a long period of time."
10. Incumbent Maggie Brooks defeated challenger Sandra Frankel to win a record third term as Monroe County executive. What was her margin of victory?
11. The Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council was not among the four big winners in a statewide contest for funds, but it did not come away empty-handed. How much did it receive?
12. Name the person who said: "There is no reason for any young person to go to the airport and get on a plane to fly anywhere else to find their future."
13. Michigan-based Project: WorldWide acquired a local firm. Which one?
14. Name the person who said: "I'm not going to be running for any other office ever again in this life."
15. IEC Electronics Corp. ranked third on a Forbes magazine list. Which one?
16. What specialty grocer plans to open a store in Pittsford in 2012?
17. Name the person who said: "Our employees are not lazy or inconsiderate or grossly overpaid or any of those things. Nonetheless, they're part of an enterprise that's struggling financially."
18. Kathleen Whelehan returned to banking after five years as a United Way of Greater Rochester Inc. senior vice president. What institution does she now lead?
19. Seneca Foods Corp. unsuccessfully pursued a merger with one of the biggest private companies in Arkansas. Name it.
20. ITT Corp.'s Rochester-based Geospatial Systems division became part of a new spinoff. Name it.
21. Shortly after being named the No. 1 company on the 2011 Rochester Top 100, Manning & Napier Inc. went public. What are the odds it will repeat as No. 1 on the Top 100?
22. What company agreed to buy more than 30 HSBC Bank USA N.A. branches here?
23. "He had a little tour of downtown and got a look at Midtown, in all its present glory," said Mayor Thomas Richards. To whom was he referring?
24. Kodak and Xerox Corp. again ranked first and second among area manufacturing employers. Who was No. 3?
25. Name the person who said: "Sugar is the new oil."

CLICK HERE for answers to the 2011 RBJ news quiz.
12/23/11 (c) 2011 Rochester Business Journal. To obtain permission to reprint this article, call 585-546-8303 or e-mail

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