This Week
  • Eric Thornton, 27, tracks markets as a buyer at Baldwin Richardson Foods.

  • Whitney Town Center, a $22 million mixed-use development in Perinton, is slated to open.

  • Kevin Ryan is the new Monroe County Bar Association executive director.

  • The Pontarelli brother and sisters team own and operate PKG Equipment Inc.

  • In Rochester, microlending options for fledgling entrepreneurs are growing.

  • The Schools Report Card has rankings for 27 districts and more than 250 schools.


Labor force shift
A lower participation rate could be a real obstacle to faster growth, if employers can’t find the people they need.

The prosperity principle
It’s possible CEOs truly recognize the wage plight of lower-paid American workers and believe it’s in their own interest--and the nation’s--to do something about it.

Slow starter
Start-Up NY’s meager results make the case for broad-based tax relief even stronger.

Brexit and us
Even indirectly, Brexit could have significance for the regional economy.

Snap Poll

Pull the plug on Start-Up NY, most say
Does the Start-Up NY program deserve more time to prove its worth? The majority of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll say no.

Snap Poll: Readers weigh in on U.S. race relations
A majority of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll say relations between whites and blacks in the U.S. today are bad. Nearly half said somewhat bad, compared with 17 percent who said they are very bad. Just 2 percent said they are very good.

Snap Poll: Most readers don't use all vacation days
More than half of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll are leaving earned vacation days on the table. Roughly one-third of readers say they don’t use all the vacation days they’ve earned because they would fall too far behind in their work.

Snap Poll: Most expect no Brexit impact here
A majority of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll expect no impact from the Brexit vote on their business or workplace. A quarter of respondents anticipate a negative impact on their place of work.


Atlanta fintech offers model for photonics
We must align leaders by speaking with one voice about the photonics industry’s current and future impact on jobs and our economy.

Climate change: What can we learn from finance?
There is considerable disagreement among economists and policymakers about how urgently we ought to be tackling the climate change problem.

John Bogle and the new fiduciary standard
Informed, engaged and active consumers will ultimately correct the system.

Opinion Column

Memories of first love still fuel passion
Ardent feelings sometimes develop between the owner and the automobile, the man and the machine.

Why has Start-Up NY produced so few jobs? Here are some reasons
The disappointing response to Start-Up NY should remind us that economic development is difficult work.

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