This Week
  • Joseph Klein is back at the helm of Klein Steel.

  • Before senior parents move in with adult children, many factors should be discussed.

  • Wendi Heinzelman is the first female dean at UR's school of engineering and applied sciences.

  • Mirror Show Management builds its trade show business.

  • Jackie Driscoll's acumen for interior design started in childhood.

  • The Schools Report Card has rankings for 27 districts and more than 250 schools.


Stay-and-pay fallacy
The notion that New York’s high earners will simply stay and pay does not hold up under scrutiny.

The startup gap
What’s needed for a healthy, dynamic economy is more startups than closings. Unfortunately, in many U.S. metropolitan areas this is not happening.

Negative thinking
A bit more optimism might be just what some businesses and the local economy need.

Wishing it were so
Gov. Andrew Cuomo traveled to Trump Tower to deliver a clear message to the next U.S. president. But was Donald Trump listening?

Snap Poll

Snap Poll: Readers divided on millionaires' tax
Readers are narrowly divided on whether New York’s so-called “millionaires’ tax” should be allowed to expire this year.

Snap Poll: Readers favor challengers over mayor
James Sheppard and Rachel Barnhart outpoll incumbent Mayor Lovely Warren in the expected primary election matchup.

Most readers oppose president's order on refugees and immigration
Roughly 1,480 readers participated in this week’s Snap Poll, and more than half opposed the president's executive order.

Snap Poll: Readers pan Cuomo's tuition proposal
Most respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll give a thumbs down to the first "signature proposal" of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2017 agenda.


Can Trump bring back U.S. manufacturing jobs?
Trying to recreate the U.S. manufacturing sector of the 1950s and 1960s would be difficult and costly.

Upstate New York deserves ridesharing too
Rochester is a vibrant and growing community worthy of ridesharing.

It's time for Rochester to lead from the bottom up
Now, more than ever, it’s important that we not take our community for granted.

Tuition-free college: Should we support it?
 The governor's plan raises two fundamental questions.

Opinion Column

Promoting effective local government in New York
The village of Cherry Creek recently voted, by a 2-1 ratio, to dissolve. Its residents and local officials should be applauded.

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