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  • The seven Rochester Business Ethics Awards finalists are profiled.

  • Rochester mourns the loss of Larry and Jane Glazer.

  • Vibrant, updated properties can be easier to market than older ones.

  • When Robert Titus joined Innovative Solutions, he "had no idea" he'd become CEO.

  • For Christian Flooring owner Christian Curts, diversification has been a key factor in his success.

  • Robert Linton guides Jazz 90.1 through a new era in media.


The Glazers' legacy
Laurence and Jane Glazer did not steer clear of challenges; they embraced them.

Teachable moment
Mr. Cuomo is virtually certain to prevail in the primary, but will challenger Zephyr Teachout win enough votes to embarrass him?

Over the top
One year after state employees set a record for overtime, they are on a pace to do it again.

Cheap talk
What if the “skills gap” truly does not exist?


In others' words, the tale of two remarkable lives
The Glazers left the community many things including the jobs they created and neighborhoods they helped to revitalize. But the truly lucky ones are those who were left with memories of the Glazers’ friendship.

Snap Poll

Readers pay tribute to the Glazers
More than 110 readers responded to our call for readers to share their thoughts on Laurence and Jane Glazer—their achievements in business and their impact on the community. See dozens of comments from readers.

Snap Poll: Plurality says it's better off than in '09
A plurality of RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll respondents—44 percent—report that they’re better off financially today than they were five years ago.

Snap Poll: Most pleased with quality of education
Area residents report being satisfied with the education and fiscal management in their public school districts.

Is Rochester friendly to small business?
RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll respondents give mostly passing grades to the Rochester region for its friendliness to small business and for the ease of launching a small business here.


Higher education owes the public some answers
Higher education in 2014 may be getting what it deserves, paying the price of having been a law unto itself for too long.

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Reed bill would provide key relief

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