This Week
  • The Ginna nuclear power plant awaits a regulatory decision.

  • Exporters back the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership pact.

  • For CooperVision's Lisa Fawcett, a love of sales began with her father.

  • Graduate programs are focusing on spanning fields and solving real-world problems.

  • Pauleen Vacca prefers taking the long view to build her business.

  • It is clarity of mission that has united Brand Cool Marketing Inc. each year.


Clearer accounting
GASB released proposed rules that for the first time would require public entities to disclose key facts about property and other tax-abatement pacts.

Money talks
Investments downtown are a very positive sign for the heart of the city.

A key advantage
Rochester continues to possess competitive advantages in advanced industries.

The wrong remedy
Is a full-time state Legislature an idea whose time has come?

Snap Poll

Majority: Don't tie teacher pay to tests
Nearly two-thirds of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll oppose Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to base 50 percent of teachers’ evaluations on how their students perform on state exams.

Readers split on minimum wage hike
By 53 percent to 47 percent, respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll narrowly oppose an increase in the state’s minimum wage.

Plurality: No ban, tax on plastic bags
Nearly half of respondents support neither a ban nor a tax for single-use plastic bags, while 49 percent of respondents favor a local law banning foam food containers. See dozens of comments from readers.

Snap Poll: Majority favors part-time Legislature
Following the arrest of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, some Albany lawmakers and others have said it is time to switch to a full-time Legislature with higher base pay and a limit or ban on outside income. Nearly two-thirds of respondents to the RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll still favor a part-time Legislature.


Three myths confuse conflict-of-interest rule
Sponsors have a meaningful stake in the game. They ignore it at their own peril.

Lack of education is root cause of poverty
Let's get out of the blame game in which good teachers stuck in a bad system feel vilified, politicians duck for cover and people argue about the wrong things.

Credit ratings are report cards on city
Rochester has followed conservative borrowing practices that are about as close to pay-as-you-go as possible.

Letters to the Editor

Breaking the cycle
Rochester is known for having an extremely philanthropic, resource-rich populace, yet we maintain a large gap between the rich and the poor.

Opinion Column

Social service 'block grants'--why not just give 'em cash?

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