Business News & Information in the Big Apple

By WILL ASTOR - 1/13/2014

Many iconic figures pepper the New York City landscape. Foremost among them is the inimitable Donald Trump. Born in 1946 in New York, he is the CEO of Trump Organization. He's also the star of the world-famous The Apprentice show. Donald Trump has amassed an absolute fortune – billions of dollars – in debt and profits over the years. Estimates peg his personal debts in the 1990s at over $900 million, while his business debts were four times that figure. Such is the resilience of this New York City mogul, that he has weathered storm after storm and remains one of the most important business figures in the world. The Trump name is synonymous with high-class, success and lavish casino entertainment.

Just across the river, another casino mogul was born in 1934. Sheldon Adelson is arguably one of the most influential Las Vegas figures. A multibillionaire many times over, Adelson rules the roost when it comes to making important casino decisions. Forbes magazine estimates that Adelson has been earning $1 million each and every hour since 2012. He is the owner of the Las Vegas Sands the Venetian Casino Resorts, the Convention Center and the Sands Macau. And that's only a sampling of what Adelson has under his control. Forbes magazine listed him is the third richest American with a net worth of over $16 billion.

Steve Wynn is yet another heavy hitter in the world of gambling, casinos and property. Born in 1942 in Connecticut, Wynn quickly emerged as the most influential figure in Las Vegas during the 1970s. Owner of The Mirage, The Bellagio, The MGM and others, Steve Wynn opened Wynn Macau. His net worth is listed as $1.3 billion and growing. For more information on these billionaires click to read the full article at the world’s leading online casino portal.