NON-PROFIT REPORT: Eight 4 Third World Hope

Non-profit Report - 3/22/2013

Eight 4 Third World Hope Inc. is a relatively new organization dedicated to fostering hope among people in Third World countries by providing aid to them and increasing U.S. awareness of the conditions in which they live. Its first development projects have been in Jamaica.
The organization was started by seven members of the class of 1984 at St. John Fisher College after a reunion there in 2009. Alumni in attendance were moved to hear about the work of classmate Kevin Carges in his role as a Catholic deacon of the Diocese of Rochester and his desire to serve the people of Haiti, Jamaica and other Third World nations. Seeking to participate with him, six former classmates joined Carges to found Eight 4 Third World Hope. The "eight" in the name includes the seven alumni and the symbolic presence of Jesus.
Since its first fundraiser in July 2010, the organization has funded three projects with an investment of nearly $90,000. Working with partner Food For The Poor Inc. of Florida through its Jamaica School Construction Program, Eight 4 Third World Hope has built two basic schools to accommodate a total of 120 children and completed a sanitation project at a primary school with 171 children.
The program provides sturdy wooden buildings that meet the standards of the Jamaican Ministry of Education, including a classroom, kitchen, office, sanitation facilities, ceilings, interior paint, electrical wiring and fixtures, furnishings and a wheelchair ramp.
Eight 4 Third World Hope's current project is to provide sanitation at a school in Planters, Jamaica, with 182 students from age 3 to ninth grade. The national government has ordered the school closed because of its unsafe pit latrine. Though the government orders the closure of schools it determines to be substandard or unsafe, it provides no help to replace those schools, even if the communities involved are very poor.
Eight 4 Third World Hope also enables its schools to provide a meal for students, and sometimes it is the children's only meal of the day.
Representatives of Eight 4 Third World Hope evaluate potential project sites in person before fundraising and construction begin, and they celebrate with the community when a project is done. Donors are invited to visit as well, so they can see the benefits produced by their gifts.
By the end of 2013, Eight 4 Third World Hope seeks to have improved the lives of more than 1,000 children through its projects.
The organization is all-volunteer and has no paid employees. Its office address is at 330 S. Main St., Canandaigua, and its website is
Financial Record Year ended Dec. 31, 2012 
Revenue %
Donations and sponsorships $31,197 61
Proceeds from fundraising events 19,975 39
Total revenue $51,172 100

Expenses %
Project expenses $42,276 93
Marketing and public relations 1,334 3
Administrative fee 850 2
Insurance 318 1
Legal fee 125 less than 1
Other 375 1
Total expenses $45,278 100
Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses $5,894

Board of Directors

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