NON-PROFIT REPORT: Geva Theatre Center

Non-profit Report - 3/29/2013

Geva Theatre Center Inc., founded in 1972, is in its 40th-anniversary season. It draws actors, directors, designers and writers from around the country to present professional theater for more than 160,000 people annually, including more than 20,000 students.
Geva programs also seek to advance understanding of theater and foster development of plays and playwrights. The organization estimates its total annual economic impact at more than $10 million.
The 552-seat Mainstage offers a variety of shows, typically seven or eight per year, including American and world classics, musicals and contemporary drama. Since 2000, the 180-seat Nextstage has been used for smaller productions and development of new plays. The Nextstage is home to Geva's own series of contemporary drama, comedy and musical theater; Geva Comedy Improv; the New Play Reading Series and the Hornet's Nest, a play-reading series that encourages community discussion on controversial topics.
Geva's educational programs include school matinees, traveling workshops, a summer acting academy for teens, a high-school-age program in production design, fellowships and apprenticeships. Its Young Writers Showcase enables local writers age 13 to 18 to take their scripts from page to stage, presenting them in a reading format with Geva actors and directors.
Geva nurtures writers in American theater by developing their new plays and musicals with dramaturgical support. It has presented more than 300 play readings and workshops in its history, and more than 65 Geva-developed plays have been produced elsewhere. Readings are free and open to the public, and many are followed by audience discussion with the playwright.
The organization has 89 full- and part-time staff members and employs roughly 200 guest actors, designers, directors and others. Tom Parrish is executive director, and Mark Cuddy is artistic director. The theater is at 75 Woodbury Blvd., and its website is
Financial record Year ending July 31, 2012
Revenue %
Non-subscription ticket sales $2,319,898 27
Contributions 2,253,287 27
Subscription sales 2,071,703 24
Government grants 666,836 8
Foundation grants 537,900 6
Net concession and gift shop sales 234,218 3
Other 413,659 5
Total revenue $8,497,501 100
Expenses %
Pay and benefits $3,524,377 50
Advertising 489,580 7
Artistic fees 374,705 5
Occupancy 372,341 5
Depreciation 339,602 5
Royalties 302,546 4
Scenery, costumes, props, lighting, sound, other production costs 254,595 4
Professional services 220,473 3
Travel and housing 135,652 2
Credit card charges 111,452 2
Printing 107,131 2
Other 815,528 11
Total expenses $7,047,982 100
Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses $1,449,519
Board of Trustees

Only officers are listed because of space limitations. The board has 20 additional members.
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