Frontier Communications partners with Seattle firm

By KERRY FELTNER - 7/2/2014 4:04:38 PM

Frontier Communications Corp. announced a partnership with Zipwhip Inc., a Seattle-based technology firm. The pairing adds text message capabilities to voice-only lines, officials said.

Frontier Texting allows customers to receive or send texts via a firm’s existing landline or toll-free number as well as connected devices such as laptops or tablets. A business can respond by using the Frontier Texting app that is serviced by Zipwhip.

"Adding text messaging to a voice-only line helps businesses handle orders, remind customers of appointments, and answer customer inquiries through a medium that is both familiar to and popular with their customers," said Ann Burr, president of new product trials and integration for Frontier, in a statement. "Best of all, the messages go straight to the customer's texting app on their mobile phone--eliminating the need to download and manage a new app.

Frontier Texting powered by Zipwhip launched Tuesday for every small office, home office and small and midsize business served by Frontier.

"Zipwhip's vision has always been that every phone number should be textable," said John Lauer, CEO of Zipwhip, in a statement. "While 330 million U.S. mobile numbers are text-enabled, 200 million fixed-line numbers are not.

“Frontier's partnership with Zipwhip to add texting to their full base of business phone lines represents the first significant shift in what we believe will become the new norm for consumer-to-business communication--text or call, one number does it all."

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