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RBJ Extra: 2012 RBJ 75

2012 Articles

Introduction: Evolution of the local economy and the RBJ 75
Much has changed over the past 23 years-at B&L, in the local economy and at the Rochester Business Journal. But at the RBJ, at least one thing has remained unchanged: the reason we publish this annual special section, now known at the RBJ 75. Our aim is to measure systematically the performance of the companies that form the core of the regional economy.

The area's No. 1 employer aims even higher
University of Rochester president Joel Seligman has overseen continual growth since taking over in 2005, with large investments in academic programs and research. He forecasts more growth for UR and wants to continue "amplifying our role in the community."

Things are hopping again at Genesee Brewing
Three years ago, the Genesee Brewing Co. was cash-strapped and its long-term future looked cloudy at best. But new ownership and production lines like Seagram's Escapes wine coolers have pumped new life into the business, more than doubling its workforce.

Gleason proves its mettle once more
The global recession is only the latest challenge Gleason Corp. has faced since its founding in 1865. Once again, it weathered the storm and has added more than 200 employees locally over the past two years.

Mucci puts his mark on Paychex
"I was really brought in to be a long-term builder," CEO Martin Mucci says of his leadership role at Paychex Inc. The results did not take long, however. Net income is growing again, and revenue is reaching new levels.

B&L's renewal, out of the public eye
Going private saved Bausch & Lomb Inc., CEO Brent Saunders says. "We would not have been able to fix our problem under the scrutiny of quarterly results and Wall Street disclosures," he notes in an exclusive interview with the RBJ.

The steady hand on the wheel of a startup
When veteran entrepreneur Richard Kaplan joined Torvec Inc. nearly two years ago, investors were eager for results. "I understand the people who say, 'Come on, already,' (but) as far as I'm concerned-and realistically-this is a startup company. It's two years old."

What's behind the numbers
To identify the companies that rank among the RBJ 75 and to measure their performance in the most recent fiscal year, the Rochester Business Journal conducts a thorough analysis of available data.

Lists and Charts

The top 25 public companies
The top 25 private companies
The top 25 non-profit companies
Employment trends

Public-company annualized total returns
Public-company earnings growth
Public-company sales growth
Public-company CEO compensation

CEO profiles:
The private company CEOs
The public company CEOs
The non-profit organization CEOs


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