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  • Joseph Klein is back at the helm of Klein Steel.

  • Before senior parents move in with adult children, many factors should be discussed.

  • Wendi Heinzelman is the first female dean at UR's school of engineering and applied sciences.

  • Mirror Show Management builds its trade show business.

  • Jackie Driscoll's acumen for interior design started in childhood.

  • The Schools Report Card has rankings for 27 districts and more than 250 schools.

RBJ Extra: 2016 RBJ 75

Introduction: Signs of health in the heart of the local economy

For RBJ 75, no single benchmark of success

Benchmarking success is an important function for the region’s top employers. But the range of companies and organizations on the RBJ 75 list also brings a host of different performance yardsticks.

Danny Wegman: Man with a mission
The CEO of Wegmans Food Markets sees a common purpose in leading his iconic grocery business, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and fighting social ills such as entrenched poverty.
Companies serious about social responsibility
Doing the right thing can mean short-term costs. But for many RBJ 75 firms, promoting positive social and environmental change is worth the investment.

Survival over long run requires reinvention
More than a dozen companies on the RBJ 75 list have passed the century mark. For these long-lasting businesses, the key to staying relevant is a customer-driven focus that embraces collaboration and new technology.

Female CEOs take their place at the top
A number of obstacles that once blocked women’s rise to leadership positions have been removed. Several female executives from this year’s RBJ 75 share their views on what it takes to be a woman in charge.

The RBJ 75: The region’s largest employers

What's behind the numbers

Charting the RBJ 75

The difference mergers can make

The RBJ 75 CEOs

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