This Week
  • Joseph Klein is back at the helm of Klein Steel.

  • Before senior parents move in with adult children, many factors should be discussed.

  • Wendi Heinzelman is the first female dean at UR's school of engineering and applied sciences.

  • Mirror Show Management builds its trade show business.

  • Jackie Driscoll's acumen for interior design started in childhood.

  • The Schools Report Card has rankings for 27 districts and more than 250 schools.

2013 Forty Under 40 Honorees

Nathaniel Bank
Kristie Beach
Guy Beaudoin
Brian Brady
Leonard Brock
Lomax Campbell
Mona Chitre
Gregory Coughlin
Jason DeLaurentiis
Carey Ann Denefrio

Paul DeSarra
Michael Doughty
Vincent Esposito
Corina Folts
Gerald Furciniti
Felicia Garcia-Hartstein
Jason Garlock
Kenneth Glazer
Jason Hall
Christopher Harris

Tim Hern
Dina Natale
Marc Natale
Tom Parrish
Kelly Pronti
Matthew Ray
Mauricio Riveros
Kate Saracene
Eric Schillinger
Mark Simmons

Meredith Smith
Courtney Spitz
David Tang
J. Chad Teeters M.D.
Matt Vahue
Jeff Valentine
Steven Vogt
Jennifer Wenzke Wallace
Robert Werkmeister
Kanika Wright

Regional raves: Volleyball tournaments at Charlotte Beach during the summer.
With a few days off: Pack up the car with gear and head for a mountain or the ocean.
Stress reliever: Going for a run through downtown Rochester, through historic neighborhoods and along the river.
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: Frederick Douglass and Susan B. walking through the South Wedge, discussing how to guide Rochester towards beings one of the more progressive cities in the world once again.


Regional raves: As a mom of a two year-old boy, the things I would rave most about are the amount of activities for kids in Rochester. From the many festivals around town each weekend to the Seneca Park Zoo and Strong Museum, there are so many great options for families.
With a few days off: I would head up to the Adirondacks for a weekend of tent camping with my family.
Stress reliever: Enjoying a nice quiet campfire in our backyard with my husband
Opening scene of “Rochester: the movie”: Wegmans would need to be involved somehow!


Regional raves: Mendon Ponds Park anytime of year
With a few days off: Swim, ice skate or play golf with the kids at Monroe Golf Club. If it rains we like to head over to the Rochester Museum and Science Center. 
Stress reliever: Exploring new hobbies. This year the kids got me a telescope for Father’s Day. Also, we learned how to bass fish this summer.
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: The backdrop to the opening credits would be a mid-October view of downtown Rochester from the Cobbs Hill Reservoir.


Regional raves: Proximity to Canada, NYC, state capital and other upstate cities that have better shopping outlets, i.e., Syracuse, Buffalo and Niagara
With a few days off: I would take the time to reflect and align my personal interests, goals and current professional pursuits. Additionally, I would catch up on rest and spend much time in the gym conditioning my body and mind for the journey ahead. I would spend some quality time with the immediate family and potentially take time to visit one of my frat brothers in Baltimore—my unofficial getaway.
Stress reliever: I go to the gym and train. Following, I read a book that's directly in line with my purpose, which allows me to keep things in perspective.
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: I would show  a depiction of the "tale of two cities": a city that's thriving with new developments and educational institutions "advancing" and driving the work of the community; conversely, I would also show the "core" of the city, where children are victims of educational malpractice, risky environmental constructs and poor social conditions. There will be a scene—where the teacher asks an African American boy to describe a dream. The boy, unknowingly, responds, "am I allowed to dream if I am labeled America's nightmare?"


Regional raves: Visiting family, hitting the road to Waterloo Outlet Mall and Canandaigua Lake and Wine Trail, social activities with friends and family and seeking out those culinary gems throughout the region including: La Bella Vita (Webster), Magnolias (Rochester), Espada Brazilian Steak (Rochester), and Palmers Direct to You Market (Henrietta).
With a few days off:
I would visit/host with friends and family, read a few good books, hit the gym or do a little traveling to the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area.
Stress reliever:
Includes cooking, working out, tennis, reading and socializing with good people.
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”:
Perhaps a child will engage in profound dialogue with an elder about the child’s potential, the City of Rochester’s historical challenges and many successes and reinforce the value of the child growing up to positively impact the community. The elder would advise the child on various pitfalls and circumstances to avoid and aim to equip the child with hope, good morals and values though the art of storytelling while taking a stroll down Parsells Avenue.


Regional raves: I rave about the Finger Lakes wine trails. I love taking visitors (including my family, who all live out of town) on wine tours in the fall. The Finger Lakes are so incredibly beautiful and the wineries are a lot of fun!
With a few days off: I love to travel! Whether it's a quick trip to New York City (to visit my brothers who both live there) or Albany (where my parents live) or someplace more exotic, I love traveling during my time off.
Stress reliever: A night out with girlfriends
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: It would involve downtown and the High Falls.


Regional raves: Ristoranti Lucano, Wegmans, The Dady Brothers, Finger Lakes
With a few days off: Get away to our cottage on the lake…or maybe we should clean the house since our 2 year old and 10 month old hit it like a tornado.
Stress reliever: Running then wine tasting, or better yet, wine tasting then running.
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: Cut to the Rochester Flower City half marathon where runners are moving through Mount Hope Cemetery, an eerie fog cuts through the thick air.  The lead pack of runners climbs the brick road entering the cemetery and there is a distant moan. The runners look up to see a throng of zombies approaching over the hill. They stop, laugh, and say: “We’re from Rochester, this is nothing, our city is defined by overcoming challenges…and we have over 2,000 of our closest friends right behind us…bring it on zombies!”


Regional raves: It only takes 20 minutes to get anywhere.
With a few days off: Hitting our ROC favorites with the kids (Seneca Park Zoo, Ontario Beach, Museum of Play)
Stress reliever: Running on the canal path
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: People struggling to order their first garbage plate and then the looks on their faces once they realize what they are about to eat.


Regional raves: TK’s Pizza (Fairport): their hand-sliced Italian sausage topping is the best ever. NY Wine & Culinary Center (Canandaigua): the source for “Taste NY” treasures.
With a few days off: Pretending Gov. Cuomo would allow time off: Finger Lakes vistas, wineries, breweries, and golf courses … and spas for my bride … and parks for my daughter.
Stress reliever: Running. No better way to minimize your daily frustrations than a wheezing reminder of how out-of-shape you’ve become.
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: It’s just about midnight. A wide-eyed suburban high school kid is tagging along with some older summer co-workers for some late night food. But he’s never been to this part of town. And he’s never had a garbage plate …


Regional raves: I am excited for the fall season, Upstate New York is so beautiful when the leaves change. Fall outings will include Powers Farm Market, Letchworth State Park and the Haunted Hayrides of Greater Rochester!
With a few days off: I might catch up with family, friends and house chores. Perhaps take a walk at Turning Point Park or attempt a par 3 course with my husband.
Stress reliever: Gardening whenever possible. Come winter time—watch a movie or TWO! I love all movies, but tend to shut it down and watch a good action flick.
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: Summer aerial shot starting from Lake Ontario crossing a fog filled Bay Bridge, past one of the ongoing festivals in the area, over into the heart of the city of Rochester as a voice over reads the first paragraphs from Rochester, NY Wikipedia ;)


Regional Raves: Mendon Ponds Park, Village of Fairport, all of the Finger Lakes, Powers Farm Market, Compane Brick Oven Bistro.
Few days off: I’d be spending time with my family. We love to go for bike rides on the canal, hike through the various local parks, or just play in the backyard. Day trips to the Finger Lakes are always fun in the summer. This winter we’ll be teaching our boys to ski.
Stress reliever: I enjoy cycling, so a few hours on my road bike does wonders to clear my head. I also enjoy taking my boys on walks. They are 5 and 3, so we usually stop to look for bugs every 15 feet, so it sometimes takes an hour just to get around the block.
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: has to be an overview of the rich history of the city—there are so many remarkable stories around the entrepreneurship of the region over the past 150 years, which is still thriving today.


Regional raves: Park Ave, Finger Lakes' wineries, and garbage plates of course
With a few days off: Organize my house and life; make to-do lists for myself and my hubby ;) I'm a Type-A all the way!
Stress reliever: Zumba!!! And taking a walk with my husband, our two children and two English bulldogs.
Opening scene of "Rochester: the Movie": People sitting outside on Park Ave on a summer evening … while eating and drinking


Regional raves: Black & Blue in Pittsford Plaza: Get the white cheddar fries! Sushi King on Penfield Road: Best sushi in town. Beers of the World and Century Liquor & Wines: Unbelievable selection at both—must-stop shopping for all social occasions! The short commute time to work and a lack of traffic to all of the above
With a few days off: I usually attempt (and fail!) to grow facial hair. Other than that I try to do as little as possible on days that are truly free from other responsibilities. A round of golf, relaxing with my family and the occasional informal get together with neighborhood friends is really all I need.
Stress reliever: Little local hikes with my wife, kids and our dog. The hammock in the shade of a maple tree in my backyard. The Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: Picture a car driving through a blizzard, past some abandoned Kodak buildings and pulling into a Wegmans parking lot. Out of the car step Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn … because that’s how a movie about Rochester could get really interesting!


Regional Raves: Village Bakery, Dinosaur BBQ, Thirsty’s, Finger Lakes and, of course, Wegmans
With a few days off: Relaxing with my family at our cottage while enjoying the water and great summer meals.
Stress reliever: Playing golf after work until you can't see the ball anymore.
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: A vintage 1920s setting when Rochester's population was in the top 25 in the U.S. Downtown is bustling and iconic companies that would be the backbone of the economy for decades are thriving.


Regional raves: Weather (I know I’m in the minority), schools, countryside, community’s generosity … and Wegmans
With a few days off: Hang out with my family, have some nice dinners with my wife, Courtney
Stress reliever: Swimming, biking, running, hiking, skiing


Regional raves: Garbage plates & Rizzo DiGiacco Hern & Baniewicz CPAs
With a few days off: Hang with my family, have fun somewhere outside, and try not to check email too much
Stress reliever: Hanging out with my wife and son
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: Moving shot going down all of the mansions on East Avenue, ending at the George Eastman House


Regional raves: Tony D's, Wegmans, Trader Joe's, wineries, weather :)
With a few days off: Jump in the car and take a road trip to area antique stores and wineries
Stress reliever: Cleaning my house from top to bottom (yes, I am serious)
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: For it to be a Rochester movie, it had better include some sort of garbage plate!


Regional raves: Geva (of course), Busy Bee Restaurant (breakfast for $3!), Riverwalk and Strong Museum
With a few days off: Sleep in, home improvements, video games
Stress reliever: Massages, working out, drink scotch or a martini, watch TV and movies
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: Aerial fly-in up the Genesee River toward downtown


Regional raves: Stokoe Farms for the kids. Good Luck restaurant for the adults.
With a few days off: I’d take a couple of day trips with my wife and kids to Great Wolf Lodge in the winter or to the splash pad in Geneva during the summer.
Stress reliever: Bike ride with my kids on the trails in Victor.
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: Kids playing at one of the parks throughout the community since this is a great place to raise a family.


Regional raves: Happy hour at Veritas Wine Bar, Shema Sushi, the gluten-free menu at Mario’s, the Keuka Lake Wine Trail, classes at breathe yoga, Wegmans cooking classes for kids, Rochester Broadway Theater League, the Rochester Lancers indoor soccer games
With a few days off: I hop on a plane. Preferably to the El San Juan Resort in Puerto Rico.
Stress reliever: Yoga, running, biking
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: The commute approaching the can of worms. A few raindrops start to fall. Traffic is now stop and go. One car rear-ends another. Other cars passing by create secondary accidents trying to catch a glimpse of the first one.


Regional raves: Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe and the Cellar Door Bistro’s Black Friday Sandwich (housemade cranberry pretzel roll! C’mon now!)
With a few days off: I like to take in a ball game with my wife and son, grill as much food as possible and squeeze in a game of cornhole when I can.
Stress reliever: As mediocre as my game is I still find a round of golf to be stress relieving
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: A wide lens shot, closing in on the mighty Genesee…brewery that is, with a round table discussion over a “Screamer,” about the transformation of our amazing city.


Regional raves: Seabreeze, The Strong Museum, Seneca Park Zoo and our Monroe County libraries make it easy to find great activities for kids, rain or shine. We have amazing access to the homes and history of iconic figures like George Eastman and Susan B. Anthony. I love that we are a festival town and I've really enjoyed our new Rochester Fringe Festival and of course, Imagine RIT!
With a few days off: In the summer I like to relax at the Thousand Islands with my family. I often use time off just to catch up on laundry or organize the playroom.
Stress reliever: Playing tennis or a family bike ride to the village of Fairport on the Trolley Trail.
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: I can imagine planning the opening night party and screening which could only take place at the Little! We have such beautiful scenery, the Finger Lakes, High Falls, gorgeous parks and historic buildings, so many interesting ways to introduce a moviegoer to Rochester. I would have to consult with one of our incredibly talented film students at RIT. 


Stress reliever: Go for a long walk on a sunny fall day!


Regional raves: National Museum of Play at the Strong—There is no place better in the country to take your family, where they can learn and play all at once. In the summer, this daytrip is made even more of a treat with a stop by Lugia’s Ice Cream in Spencerport, where you can enjoy their delicious and generously served ice cream cones.
With a few days off: I like to spend time with my kids playing board games, watching movies and being outdoors.
Stress reliever: I work on my lawn while enjoying the alone time. It is during yard work that I often try to work through my stressors and reflect on how wonderfully blessed I truly am. 
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: Autumn sun peaks through colorful fall foliage, to shine upon a family walking into a local coffee shop/bakery, where the smiling staff immediately greets them by their names. They make their purchases, say their goodbyes, then continue to walk safely down the city street where a billboard could be seen in the distance, “Rochester, N.Y.—America’s greatest midsize city to live, work, and play!”


Regional raves: I love the Finger Lakes and the wineries. Nothing better than going on a wine tour with my wife and friends!
With a few days off:
Will try to play as much golf everywhere and anywhere possible, but I am loyal to my home club, Monroe Golf Club.
Stress reliever:
I love barbequing, and not backyard hamburgers and hotdogs, but rather pit barbequing for lots of friends and family. The more creative the menu, the more relaxing it is!
Opening scene of “Rochester: The Movie”:
Boating down the Erie Canal in a Red Wings jersey eating a garbage plate from Nick Tahou’s and drinking a Finger Lakes wine.


Regional raves: The Finger Lakes Region, Wegmans, Riesling wine, Oak Hill Country Club, the number of local companies recognized as best places to work in the country and prestigious higher education institutions, including University of Rochester and its medical center
With a few days off: I would sneak up to Mirror Lake Resort and Spa in Lake Placid.
Stress reliever: Spending time on Canandaigua Lake in the summer or skiing at Bristol Mountain in the winter
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: A flashback to the signing of the Treaty of Canandaigua in 1794 between the Grand Council of the Six Nations and Timothy Pickering (representing George Washington), establishing peace and friendship between the United States and the Six Nations of the Iroquois. The treaty was the second diplomatic agreement under the current constitution, and is still recognized today by the federal government.


Regional raves: The canal, Bamba Bistro’s happy hour, dinner at Good Luck restaurant even if you have to wear skinny jeans, and Fairport Brewing Company’s new fudge-shop-lookalike building in the village.
With a few days off: The Strong with my kids (they love the new Wegmans) and a hike through Perinton’s trails to get frozen yogurt with the family.
Stress reliever: Modern sporting rifles.  
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: Slow pan up from brown rubble, a towering High Falls building with a cracked and crooked Kodak letters slowly crashes to the ground as a large wrecking ball angles toward the camera after a final strike. Black out as the camera is destroyed by a ballistic “K”. White title fades in, “The Rebirth of Rochester.”  Or maybe a dancing monkeys carrying garbage plates instead. Still thinking. 


Regional raves: High Falls, The Genesee Brew House, The Riverway Trail bridge over the Genesee River in the fall, a drive down East Ave from the city to Pittsford or Lake Road in Webster, dinner on Park Ave, a run around Cobbs Hill park
With a few days off: I would go on a road trip to see friends, probably to Washington, D.C., Newport, R.I., or Greenwich, Conn. I love road trips!
Stress reliever: Grabbing an artisan drink with friends at the Revelry, Good Luck, Cheshire, or a delicious Belgian beer at Victoire.
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: A shot of downtown Rochester from the roof of the Strathallan opens the scene with an immediate pan to a festival in progress, perhaps Park Ave fest?


Regional raves: Wegmans (once you live where there is no Wegmans, you really learn to appreciate it); Keuka Lake; the Canal path; the JCC
With a few days off:  Head to Keuka Lake; spend time with family; take the kids anywhere they can run and jump and burn energy
Stress reliever: Working out, cuddle time with the kiddies
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: It’s a sunny fall day. A mom is unloading the groceries (all in reusable Wegmans bags) while kids play in the fall leaves. Dad comes out with a bottle of New York State wine, neighbors stop by and they all stand there talking, sipping wine and watching the kids. Their beautiful home in their beautiful neighborhood is the background. And then it starts to snow.


Regional Raves: Besides the great weather this time of year… how can you think about Western New York and not think Wegmans first.
With a few days off: Time with my family—we all do so much and are always "on the go.” I enjoy time at home with my wife and kids most.
Stress Reliever: Control—stress is controlled by empowering yourself with the realization that you have control of most, if not all, things in your life. I find that organizing around the office or my home always makes me feel relaxed, back in control and refocused for any challenge.
Opening Scene of "Rochester: the Movie": Business meeting, outside of Rochester, guy is trying to explain where he lives—Rochester? Minnesota? New Hampshire? Oh, New York. Scene cuts to him flying home; it is the story of the city that no one really knows.


Regional raves: Go Bills!! Yes, I am a born and raised Buffalo Bills Fan … still! An amazing artistic treasure: Garth Fagan Dance Studio. The awesome wonder of Niagara Falls, and the historical trails of the Underground Railroad … oh and The Rochester Jazz Festival … can't get much better than talented, live free jazz entertainment
With a few days off: I will travel in a heartbeat!
Stress relievers (Have to have more than 1): Laughing until it hurts! Spending time with family and friends for encouragement and support. Shopping; being creative; admiring nature and helping others.
Opening scene of “Rochester: the Movie”: A scene featuring families attending one of Rochester's many festivals with live music and tons of food!