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Searching the RBJ Archive

With the launch of our new Web site in late 2009, accessing the RBJ Archive became completely free. That means more than 80,000 articles and data files are available. With a few mouse clicks, it's possible to search all that information.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding the RBJ Archive and how best to search it. If your question is not answered, check our Customer Service page or contact us by phone at 585-546-8303.

How far back does the Archive go?

Our first Web site was launched in June 1996; all daily articles since then are available. For the print edition and special supplements, the Archive begins in February 1995.

Does the Archive contain all the material published in the print edition?

Most material is available, but not all. Material not archived currently includes some editorial content such as photographs, charts and graphs, and advertisements. To read the weekly Rochester Business Journal online exactly as it appears in print, become a subscriber—which entitles you to both the print edition and the duplicate Digital Edition. For more information, click here.

How do I access the Archive?

First, you must become a register user. If you have not done so already, click here. Once registered to the site, you have access to all articles published in the daily and weekly print edition.

What if I’m having trouble using the Archive?

Go to our Customer Service page or call 585-546-8303.

When can I expect the weekly print edition articles to be available on the Archive?

Weekly print edition will be available one week after the issue publication date.

How can I use the material on the Archive?

Material retrieved from the Archive is for your personal use. You may not republish or otherwise redistribute downloaded material via print, broadcast or electronic media—including personal Web sites or blogs—without first obtaining written permission from us. The Rochester Business Journal’s archived material is protected under copyright law. By registering at the site, you agree to these terms. (For more information, check our Copyright Notice.)

What’s the best way to find a particular article?

If possible, narrow your search by keyword, date and category. Let’s say you want to find an article about a speech then-Kodak CEO Daniel Carp gave about digital marketing back in 1999 or 2000. You might input "Carp speech digital marketing" in the keyword window. For date, define the range as Jan. 1, 1999, to Dec. 31, 2000. Then, since you don’t know the section of the paper in which the article appeared, choose "Full Archive." Click search, and here’s your result: "Carp assails marketing of digital photography" (4/14/2000).

Is it possible to search only the Profiles that have appeared in the paper?

Yes. Just choose "Profile" from the category list. Similarly, you can narrow your search to "Page One," "The List" and numerous other categories.

Can I send this article to a friend?

Yes. Just click on the eMail button in the blue box to the right of the article headline. This box also contains buttons for printing, posting a comment and sharing via social media.

Is it possible to do a search for all articles in a single print edition?

Yes. For the date range, use only the issue date—say, from April 2, 2010, to April 2, 2010. Then select Full Archive in the category window and leave the keyword window blank. (That's right, do not use "Rochester," or a generic keyword such as "the" or any other word; the window must be empty.)

What is the difference between the Archive Search box located at the top of each page and the Site Search box on the right-hand side?

The Site Search box allows you to search the entire RBJ Web site, including non-archived material. By contrast, the RBJ Archive containa only articles and features published in the weekly print edition and the Daily Report. If you are looking for RBJ news stories, an Archive search will produce better results.

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